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MS Windows 7 Professional

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Windows 7 Professional makes it possible to work from anywhere—quickly set up projectors, printers, and networks. And automatic backups ensure your work is safe and secure wherever you are.


Work from anywhere easier

Windows 7 Professional was designed for on-the-go working professionals. Connect to networks in three clicks, automatically find preferred network printers, give professional presentations, and use business programs with Windows XP Mode.

Windows Mobility Center

Windows Mobility Center 
Keep presentations professional by turning off notifications and screen savers, and change your desktop background with just one click.

Location-aware printing

Location-aware printing 
Windows 7 automatically uses your preferred settings for each of the multiple locations you print from.


Best PC entertainment experience

Watch, pause, and record live TV using Windows Media Center—then take it with you on your laptop, phone, or portable media player. With Internet TV, you’ll have access to free shows from sources across the web.


Work more securely

Safeguard your work with automatic backupsencrypt confidential fileson PCs with more than one user, and solve problems efficiently withWindows Troubleshooting and Problem Steps Recorder.


Backup and Restore

Backup and Restore 
Windows 7 automatically backs up files to your network or to another drive or DVD.


Encrypting File System

Encrypting File System 
Protect your files from unwanted access by storing them on your hard disk in an encrypted format.


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